24 Bittersweet Tales of Short Major League Sports Careers

Kurt Dusterberg's Journeymen: 24 Bittersweet Tales of Short Major League Sports Careers introduces us to 24 athletes who enjoyed only the proverbial “cup of coffee” in major league baseball, football, hockey or basketball. Instead of fame and riches, they walked away with a handful of stories and plenty of lessons—about professional sports, personal growth, and how to move on with life.

As their stories unfold, we bask in the simple pleasures of the major leagues. The players describe the rush of stepping into the spotlight for the first time and the pride of playing alongside legendary athletes. But for every feel-good occasion, there are poignant moments that reveal the limits of their dreams. Touchdown passes and game-winning goals are offset by personal failures and demotions.

The stories are a blend of excitement and frustration, humor and heartache. All 24 athletes offer deeply personal accounts of their careers—and how they found inspiration for their lives after sports.

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